SheSharp with Google!

held at AUT Tower, Auckland

Held on Thursday 31st March 2015


An invaluable interview workshop with Googlers from the Sydney Office.

SheSharp were very lucky to have some of the team from the Google Sydney office across the ditch and share their experience of life at Google as well as useful tips and tricks on landing your dream job. The evening gave members the chance to even have a mock interview with a Googler to see what it's like to go through Google's interview process; it's not as scary as some might think!

Plenty of Google goodies were up for grabs and the mystery of the elusive "Googley-ness" was made slightly clearer. This event provided the opportunity for Google to share their views on diversity and the efforts they are going to in order to ensure people from all walks of life make up their workforce. Programs such as the STEP (Summer Trainee Engineer Porgram) internship and technical internship give students the chance to experience life at Google.

If you would like to know more about these programs; Google it!

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