Meet Our Team SheSharp Amabassadors

SheSharp would not be possible without our awesome ambassadors! We have a dedicated team that work together to bring you the best events. Our team of amazing women include people from industry (companies such as Orion Health, Xero and IBM), university and high school.

We'll always be wearing our SheSharp T-Shirts at events so be sure to have a chat with us at our next event to find out about what we do and why we love it!

Mahsa Mohaghegh (McCauley)
Lecturer, AUT

Hi, and welcome! I’m Mahsa, the founder and director of She#. I’ve been in the field of computer science and engineering for almost 15 years, and I currently lecture at AUT in the Information Technology and Software Engineering department. I finished my PhD here in New Zealand in 2013 at Massey University, in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. I hope She# can bring about the much-needed change to the gender split in tech, and believe that working together is the way to do this.

Tania Roblot
PhD Student, University of Auckland

Hey there. I’m a professional student. My academic career spans over a range of topics from artificial intelligence to database theory via algorithmic information theory (AIT) and though I have mostly spent it at the University of Auckland, I have also worked at INRIA (Rennes, France) and at the University of Leeds (UK). I love to teach and research, but I also find it incredibly enriching and compelling to be involved with groups that work on bridging the gender gap in the STEMs. I whole-heartedly agree with Anita Borg’s wise words, stating the importance of women contributing to a field that is so entangled in everything to do with our society.

Mike McCauley
Consents Specialist, Auckland Transport

Hey everyone, I’m Mike! I’m a transport engineer currently working at Auckland Transport in the Development Consents team. I also work part-time as a lecturer in computer science at Unitec, and am passionate about getting the next generation into computer science. I’m a proud member of the She# team, and among other things usually act as the group photographer.

Ankita Jani
Test Analyst, Payment Express

Hey there, I am Ankita Jani and I am test analyst at Semble. She# is all about encouraging young women to be part of computer science or engineering. Computers and programming is easy and fun while you work on it. It is a matter of developing the skills for it and, if you get proper guidance, you can then achieve anything in your life. Being a woman in IT, I have always observed that the women to men ratio is far too low! I want more women to be part of the IT industry and I am glad that I have an opportunity to be part of that change. We all can achieve it so let’s get together do it!.

Emily Melhuish
Intern Engineer, FlexWare

I'm an Electrical Engineering student by day and a software developer by night. You can usually find me watching the latest SpaceX launch, drooling over the Tesla Model S, buried under books in the library or on the soccer field. I have a huge passion for all things tech and want to inspire other women to consider a career in STEM.

Grace Benedek-Rooney
Developer, Trade Me

Hello World! I am currently at university studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Science conjoint degree in Information Systems and Computer Science. I started on my journey into the technology field when I was in intermediate school, becoming increasingly curious about tech and what it can do for us. That natural interest lead me to learning programming in high school and now university. Being a woman in tech is not always easy, having a network to support you is something I personally want to spread to all women venturing into this field. Part of that is educating young women so that they see the industry as a career path where they can create technology; not just consume it.

Ruth James
Happiness Engineer, Xero

In all honesty, I fell into this by pure chance! Ever since I moved to NZ (about 10 years ago!) I’ve worked for an IT company! During this time I've seen the huge potential technology has to change peoples lives for the better. My ultimate goal: To get more people into this awesome industry and to encourage and support those already in it. One of my passions is to encourage diversity in this industry. This is one of the reasons why I’m an advocate for encouraging women in the ICT sector.

Archana Patel
Senior Mulesoft Developer, Genesis Energy

Software Developer. Female. Curious about all things tech. Amateur Instagrammer. Awkward at small-talk.

Shivarni Bhavan
Software Engineer, EROAD

My interest in technology started at a young age through my love of computer games, which lead to me studying Software Engineering at The University of Auckland. It's not hard to see the lack of females in this field. After attending a few She# events while I was studying, I was inspired to join the team. I am passionate about empowering other women in tech and bridging the gender gap by inspiring more women to be part of this exciting field.

Abby Shen
Software Engineer and Intern at EROAD

Hello! I’m Abby, a part 3 Software Engineering student at the University of Auckland and intern at EROAD. Apparently I appear nothing like a developer, because my interests are debating, public policy, healthcare, racquet sports, snow sports, road tripping, and everything else outdoors. Needless to say, I am passionately anti stereotyping.

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